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We are ready to assist you in reaching and maintaining a standard of excellence in Sunday School. We do this by helping you to discover and equip new leaders, while utilizing both time-honored and innovative approaches to evangelism, teaching, ministering, and assimilating people. This responsibility is carried out in cooperation, support, and partnership with local associations.
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Sunday School Resources

What Are We Talking About?
Sunday School…small groups…life groups…or even a new name you might use.

We are talking about plans to reach people and teach the Bible for life transformation. Sunday School is the foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and for building on-mission Christians through open Bible study groups that engage people in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, worship and prayer.

Bible teaching for life transformation is foundational. This sets the direction of the local church for reaching people and growing disciples. It is a strategy that takes lots of work, planning, prayer, patience and determination. It is a great strategy for evangelism and discipleship.

What Does the Pastor Have to Do with Sunday School?
The pastor is the leader, the primary player, the one who sets the pace for disciple building. He must take the lead and encourage the entire church to participate if the Bible teaching strategy of the church is to be successful. He must lead the Sunday School Planning Team (Council) to set goals and evaluate the Sunday School strategy to fulfill the biblical functions of disciple building.

What Is the Pastor’s Game Plan?

1. Provide overall leadership to the Sunday School Planning Team.
2. Lead the team in keeping the Sunday School focused on its purpose.
3. Give vital and visible support to Sunday School and its leaders.
4. Communicate the overall mission (purpose) and message of the Sunday School to the entire church.
5. Guide team members toward spiritual maturity and assist them in developing skills that enhance their ability to fulfill their responsibilities.
6. Set a positive example for others by living as an authentic witness of Christ and by full involvement in the life and ministry of the church.
7. The pastor and other leaders will give frequent opportunities for members who are not Christian to confess Christ publicly and will urge them to do so.

Download the full Coach’s Guide to Sunday School (.pdf)

Introduction (.pdf)
Chapter 1 – Vision
Chapter 2 – Why Build a Team
Chapter 3 – Outreach
Chapter 4 – Inreach
Chapter 5 – New Groups
Chapter 6 – Planning
Chapter 7 – Discovering and Enlisting Workers
Chapter 8 – Getting Started
Chapter 9 – Teaching a Good Lesson
Appendix 1 (.pdf)
Appendix 2 (.pdf)

Directing Sunday School with SKILL is designed to assist Sunday School leaders in making the best of their Sunday School classes. SKILL is designed to be a notebook with 5 different tabs:
Start Right, Keys to Growth, Ideas, Leadership Development, Leadership Resources.

SKILL notebook cover
Introduction Letter from Sunday School Office Director, Daniel Edmonds

Start Right Tab:


Part 1 – My Beginnings as Sunday School Director, Dwight Moss

Part 2 – What Does a Sunday School Director Do on Sunday Morning

Part 3 – How to Visit Sunday School Classes

Keys to Growth Tab:

The Alabama Sunday School Standard of Excellence (book)

Ideas for Promotion Tab:

Part 1 – Introducing Ideas

Part 2 – Ideas for High Contact Sundays

Part 3 – CARE – A Contact Campaign, Daniel Edmonds, SBOM, Sunday School Office

Part 4 – Ideas for Making Contacts, Marie Clark, Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

Part 5 – LifeWay Sunday School Websites

Part 6 – Ideas for VBS Follow-up

Part 7 – Reach Campaign 1

Part 8 – Reach Campaign 2

Part 9 – Welcome Home to Sunday School, Bobby DuBois

Leadership Development Tab:

Part 1 –Developing Your Own Sunday School Leadership Training Event

Part 2 – Developing a Monthly or Weekly Sunday School Training Schedule

Part 3 – Using DVD or On-line Sunday School Training

Part 4 – Being a Person of Grace Guide for Weekend, Rick Ellison

Part 5 – Being a Person of Grace Student Booklet, Rick Ellison

Part 6 – Being a Person of Grace Booklet and Overheads, Rick Ellison

Cover Page – Leadership Lessons and Listening Guides

Leadership Lesson 1 – Developing a Sunday School Outreach/Evangelism Strategy

Leadership Lesson 2 – Ministry Through The Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 3 – Do I Really Want My Class to Grow?

Leadership Lesson 4 – Starting New Units

Leadership Lesson 5 – Shine Like Stars – What It Means to Be an All Star on God’s Team

Leadership Lesson 6 – Effective Adult Teachers

Leadership Lesson 7 – Discovering New People

Leadership Lesson 8 – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Caring For Folks in Times of Celebration and Crisis)

Leadership Lesson 9 – Sunday Morning Alive

Leadership Lesson 10 – Core Values of Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 11 – Open Enrollment

Leadership Lesson 12 – Attitudes of a Winning Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 13 – A Winning Sunday School Team

Leadership Lesson 14 – Sunday School ALIVE

Leadership Lesson 15 – Affirm the Mission

Leadership Lesson 16 – Leadership Development

Leadership Lesson 17 – Involve Every Person

Leadership Lesson 18 – Values Visible

Leadership Lesson 19 – Evangelism as the Priority

Leadership Lesson 20 – “Triple A” Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 21 – Benefits of Being Involved in Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 22 – Essential Skills for Effective Sunday School Teachers

Leadership Lesson 23 – The Friendship Factor – Making Friends for Jesus in Adult Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 24 – Going Beyond the Limits – Your Sunday School Connecting with Your Community

Leadership Lesson 25 – Important Commitments for Sunday School Leaders

Leadership Lesson 26 – Developing a Vision for Your Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 27 – Ministering in Time of Crises

Leadership Lesson 28 – How to Teach Difficult Subjects

Leadership Lesson 29 – 5 Ways Your Class Can Minister to People

Leadership Lesson 30 – Barriers to Sunday School Growth

Leadership Lesson 31 – Being a Person of Grace – A Sunday School Leader Fully Devoted to Christ

Leadership Lesson 32 – Effective Use of Questions in a Sunday School Lesson

Leadership Lesson 33 – Expressing My Love to God Through Service

Leadership Lesson 34 – Getting People Plugged in Through Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 35 – Let’s Party – Ideas for Sunday School Fellowships

Leadership Lesson 36 – Let’s Evaluate Our Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 37 – Making Ministry Visits to the Home

Leadership Lesson 38 – Overcoming Sunday School Myths

Leadership Lesson 39 – The Nuts and Bolts of Outreach (Part 1)

Leadership Lesson 40 – The Nuts and Bolts of Outreach (Part 2)

Leadership Lesson 41 – The Power and Presence of God Through Prayer

Leadership Lesson 42 – Plugging the Leaks – How to Reclaim Absentees

Leadership Lesson 43 – How to Have a ‘Do Come’ Adult Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 44 – What Every Leader Should Know About Working With Youth in Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 45 – Twelve Things Our Sunday School Can Do to Minister to the Community

Leadership Lesson 46 – Ten Minutes a Day Can Prevent Many Saturday Night Specials

Leadership Lesson 47 – Nine Things Good Sunday School Leaders Must Do

Leadership Lesson 48 – Sunday School Leader Basics

Leadership Lesson 49 – A Guest’s Checklist

Leadership Lesson 50 – Getting People Plugged in Through Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 51 – Ways to Use Our Sunday School Rolls to Touch People’s Lives

Leadership Lesson 52 – Thirteen Essential New Testament Doctrines for Sunday School Leaders

Leadership Lesson 53 – How to Share the Plan of Salvation

Leadership Lesson 54 – Planning Your Week for Effective Teaching

Leadership Lesson 55 – What Every Leader Should Know about the Cooperative Program

Leadership Lesson 56 – Why Sunday School Is Important to God

Leadership Lesson 57 – Creative Fellowships for Connecting to Adults

Leadership Lesson 58 – Essentials to Sunday School Growth

Leadership Lesson 59 – Prospecting 101

Leadership Lesson 60 – Using Prayer in the Sunday School Class

Leadership Lesson 61 – Contact Ideas

Leadership Lesson 62 – Discovering the Unchurched

Leadership Lesson 63 – Keys to Sunday School Growth

Leadership Lesson 64 – Ways to Grow As a Sunday School Leader

Leadership Lesson 65 – The Holy Ground Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 66 – Building Community

Leadership Lesson 67 – Ways to Encourage Those In My Class

Leadership Lesson 68 – Why Sunday School Is Important for People

Leadership Lesson 69 – Core Principles for Sunday School Growth

Leadership Lesson 70 – How to Teach to All Four Learning Styles in the Same Lesson

Leadership Lesson 71 – Making the Grade as a Sunday School Leader

Leadership Lesson 72 – Why We Do What We Do In Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 73 – Using Flake’s Formula

Leadership Lesson 74 – Why Missions Support is Important in Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 75 – Beginning a Homebound Ministry

Leadership Lesson 76 – Developing a Senior Adult Ministry

Leadership Lesson 77 – Reaching and Teaching Senior Adults

Leadership Lesson 78 – Six Myths About Homebound Adults

Leadership Lesson 79 – Effective Elements of Adult Bible Study

Leadership Lesson 80 – The Difference Between Open and Closed Sunday School Classes

Leadership Lesson 81 – Ways Our Class Can Let People Down

Leadership Lesson 82 – Ways the Sunday School Can Support Your Pastor

Leadership Lesson 83 – Characteristics of the Best Sunday School Teacher

Leadership Lesson 84 – Checklist For Starting New Classes

Leadership Lesson 85 – I Am NOT Wired For 220

Leadership Lesson 86 – Leading Children to Christ

Leadership Lesson 87 – The Cardinal Sin of Church Leadership – Lowering the Bar

Leadership Lesson 88 – Whatever It Takes vs Whatever

Leadership Lesson 89 – How Children Learn

Leadership Lesson 90 – Ministry to Families with Children

Leadership Lesson 91 – Preparing the Children’s Room for Sunday Morning

Leadership Lesson 92 – What Every Leader Should Know About Children’s Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 93 – Developing a Relationship with Preschool Parents

Leadership Lesson 94 – Teaching Preschoolers – The Eight Ways Preschoolers Learn

Leadership Lesson 95 – What Every Leader Should Know About Preschool Sunday School

Leadership Lesson 96 – Connecting Hearts and Home – Church, Parent, Teen (Ministry to Families with Teenagers)

Leadership Lesson 97 – Teens Need a Place They Belong – Why Sunday School Is Important for Teens

Leadership Lesson 98 – Who Are These Teenagers and Why Aren’t They Like Me (Understanding Today’s Teen)

Leadership Lesson 99 – Windows 7 Was Their Idea (Technology and Teaching Teenagers)

Leadership Lesson 100 – Attributes of the Greatest Sunday School Leader

Leadership Lesson 101 – Am I Hallucinating – Re-dreaming the Purpose of Your Class

Leadership Lesson 102 – Remember Me – Caring For Your In-Service Missionaries

Leadership Lesson 103 – When the Roll is Called Up Yonder – Will You Be There

Leadership Lesson 104 – Safety and Security

Sunday School Events

Jan 03

January Bible Study

January 3, 2021 - January 10, 2021
Jan 28

Discipleship Network of Alabama

January 28, 2021 - January 29, 2021
Mar 16

Senior Adult Singin’

March 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Mar 18

Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2021

March 18, 2021 @ 9:00 am - March 19, 2021 @ 4:30 pm
First Annual Alabama Baptist Discipleship Conference 2
Apr 19

First Annual Alabama Baptist Discipleship Conference

April 19, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - April 20, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
May 02

Senior Adult Sunday

May 2, 2021
Aug 06

Pinnacle: Equipping Church Leaders

August 6, 2021 - August 7, 2021
Sep 12

Single Adult Sunday

September 12, 2021
Sep 21

Senior Adult Singin’

September 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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