Live urgently! Do you do that? As Christians, we should. We should convey to our patrons an urgency that Jesus Christ is returning soon. Do we believe in Heaven and Hell? I hope that we do! But the lost world probably does not. They may believe in Heaven and Not Hell. Many believe that God would not send good people to Hell, but they do not understand that God does not send people to Hell but people choose Hell because they don’t accept Christ as Lord and Savior! The problem is they don’t understand; their eyes are blind! You are probably wondering what this has to do with the Library Ministry, well as Christians and ministry leaders we have a responsibility to share Christ with a lost world and teach other Christians to share Christ too! I believe the Library ministry is a great resource to help with this responsibility! In fact, I believe our libraries exist to SHARE JESUS!


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The building blocks of our ministry are three-fold. We must reach the lost, teach the saved, minister to all and multiply (grow our ministry and others in our church). The second part of that is Administration, Promotion, Collection Development and Classification and Cataloging to maintain and grow the ministry we are called to serve God through. We must stay up-to-date in all areas of Library Ministry. So, we offer Library Workshops that include classes in all areas of Library Ministry. My prayer is that you and your library TEAM will attend and make the effort to stay current and relevant! All librarians must change the way we do things as our world changes around us every day, if you are stagnant you will die. I have seen several libraries the past few years that have closed their doors because they were not willing to make the effort to change and grow a vibrant ministry! It is our responsibility to share with our patrons that we have many items and materials to help them grow in their Christian life and to feel that they can share Jesus with a lost world too. Of course, that means we must have those items on our shelves!


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