RA’s and Challengers

Royal Ambassadors
Royal Ambassadors (RAs) is a Bible-centered, church-based, Southern Baptist mission education organization for boys in grades 1-6 and Challengers is the organization for youth in grades 7-12.

Why the Name Royal Ambassadors?

The RA Motto, “We are Ambassadors for Christ,” not only gives the organization its name, but also gives the boys and leaders a lifestyle goal. The Scripture passage 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 describes the purpose of Royal Ambassadors. While the RA motto is found in verse 20, the other verses sum up Paul’s declaration of why we need to be ambassadors for Christ.

What are Challengers?

Challengers is the youth mission education organization for young men in grades 7-12. Challengers provides mission training and mission accountability as young men support each other to fulfill their personal commitment to live out and share the gospel.

Challengers also gives young men a wide range of ministry, mission experiences and develops their leadership skills. Challengers are transformed from average guys into on-mission Christians.

RA’s and Challengers Resources

Attendance Chart
Sample backpack missions lesson – Clean Body and Clean Mind
Sample backpack missions lesson – Follow the Bouncing Ball
Sample backpack missions lesson – Parades, Cowboys and Camp

Here are the step steps to follow to look at a sample of the lessons found in the RA Leader Magazine.

1. Visit WMU.com.
2. On the right side, click the button “Start A Missions Group”
3. Fill in the “Get Started” form and click submit. Filling out this form is required to receive the sample lessons.
You will receive an automatic email from National WMU
You will receive a personal email from the Alabama Royal Ambassador office
4. After hitting submit, you will be redirected to the WMU Starter Packs. Under children click on the Royal Ambassadors link.
5. Beginning on the 6th page of this document you will find a month of lessons from RA Leader Magazine.

National RA Consultant
Zachariah Seanor
(205) 991-4057

Greg Thompson

Rick Douglas

Jeremy Lynch

Heath Corwin

Brad Boykin

Pinewood Derby Specialist
Darrell Baldwin

Support Staff

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