The heartbeat of this effort is to provide for those who direct the Sunday School a volume of information that will keep them current and supply them with ongoing resources. Each year supplemental pages of fresh ideas, insights, and instructional works will be provided for those who continue to direct the Sunday School.

It is hoped that individuals will also take advantage of the training opportunities provided by the State Board of Missions and the local association. These events will keep leaders of all ages current in the work and will develop them to be more effective in Sunday School. A list of State and Regional Sunday School Leadership Training events can be found under the Leadership Development tab.

The first section of this work is entitled Start Right and is the pilgrimage of an individual, Dwight Moss, who saw a great need in Sunday School and followed God’s call in responding to that need. Dwight shares some valuable insight to how he got ‘started right.’ He will speak of training events at Ridgecrest and Glorieta. These are Southern Baptist Conference centers located in North Carolina and New Mexico. Alabama is blessed to have an equally beautiful facility at Shocco Springs in Talladega. All three of these are tremendous locations for continuing the learning process. However, the need for training caused the Alabama Baptist State Sunday School Office to set and accomplish the goal of bringing quality training within a short distance of every Alabama church. You will find twelve Regional training locations throughout our state.

Section two will help you learn and use the Keys to Growth. You will be introduced to the Standard of Excellence in Sunday School. The Standard is a tool that will help you plan and implement a strategy of growth.

Ideas are supplied in section three to help you in promoting the work of Sunday School. Each year we will ask people to share more new and helpful ideas that you can add to your notebook.

Leadership Development is the title of section four. It will provide materials for you to use in conducting your own leadership event. This event calls for age-graded breakout sessions. You will need to send a few of your leaders to a Regional Sunday School event. At that event they will receive information and materials to use in training the various leaders in your church. New leadership development training event material will be provided each year.

The final section provides you with some leadership lessons and resources to utilize in a monthly or weekly leadership meeting. Again this is an ongoing, expanding resource as leaders will continue to be enlisted to share their lesson outlines.

It is our hope this resource will assist you on the journey of Leading the Sunday School with SKILL.

Read the rest of the entries in this series at Directing Sunday School with SKILL.

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