Outreach and discipleship the fruit of Vacation Bible School as numbers return to pre-pandemic levels


After Vacation Bible School is over at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Enterprise, Annette Whitton does a lot of follow-up. She doesn’t do it alone — she does it with the help of an army of volunteers.

“We had about 400 to 450 kids, and 79 of those were from unchurched families,” Whitton, director of children’s ministries at Hillcrest, said. “We do our family visitation on Wednesday night and let our VBS leaders go and visit. We want to do that while it’s still fresh and the kids know these ladies and men who come.”

If a child who attends another church makes a salvation decision, Whitton lets the churches know so they can help with next steps. But if the child goes to Hillcrest, she takes decision card to the deacons so they can follow up.

“One of the things that was so sweet — there were so many of them who were our kids, and their dads were deacons,” Whitton related. “I was able to hand that card to that dad and say, ‘Hey, do you want to follow up with this one?’ They were so excited.”

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This article was originally published at TheAlabamaBaptist.org.

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