Senior Adult Evangelism Conference Not Lost On Hesitant 25-Year-Old


I didn’t expect much.

When I was assigned to cover part of the Senior Adult Evangelism Conference, I wouldn’t say I was exuberant. I had an ever-mounting to-do list and I had already decided what I would tackle that Monday, which just so happened to be May 1, the day of the conference. So when I saw the assignment waiting for me in an unread email on Friday morning, all I could think was, “There goes my plan.”

But as I drove into work Monday, I was ready. I had decided it would be a productive day. Then mid-morning, a transformer blew outside our office — the working theory is a too-curious squirrel decided to see what electricity was all about — causing my computer to need a two-hour break to recover.

I was less than pleased.

But regardless of all, I hadn’t gotten done that day, shortly after 1 p.m. I headed the half-mile down the road to First Baptist Church, Birmingham, for the conference. (continued…)

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