About Alabama Baptist SBOM

Communications and Technology Services coordinates all communications including print, on-line media, news and information, graphics, technology and multi-media. A variety of media products are produced to tell the story of what God is doing through the State Board of Missions in partnership with Alabama Baptists. This office is led by director Doug Rogers.

Family. Friends. Community.

How do you describe a group of people who mean so much to you — who have helped you grow and mature, laughed with you and cried with you over a period of time? This is what I asked Hannah Powell, Baptist Campus Ministry president at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for the past [...]

Pursue Conference: Find Your Place in God’s Plan

Every college student is faced with the question: “What do you want to do with your life?” Some students know exactly what they want to do after college, some change their major multiple times trying to decide and most fall somewhere in between. “We [at Pursue conference] want college students, young adults, and others to [...]

Upcoming Move For State Board of Missions On Schedule

Employees of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) have begun the process of cleaning out, packing up and rehearsing the name of their new office structure. Great Commission Ministries Resource Center will replace the longtime “Baptist Building” reference as soon as the SBOM staff occupies the soon-to-be-built 39,900-square-foot facility in Prattville. Projections are [...]

Is revival outdated?

When we use the word “revival,” we have in the past thought of a series of worship services focusing on spiritual growth and outreach. That is an appropriate usage of the word revival, but it is not the exclusive one. Recently, Jamie Baldwin, a state missionary, brought to my attention an article I wrote while [...]

Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

On a shelf, right behind my desk, is a Bible given to me by my parents on my seventh birthday. On the front page of the Bible are several names of international missionaries who came through our house when my dad was stationed at Clark Air Force Base. I was just a child, but I [...]

Tennessee Requests Help From Alabama Baptist DR

Much like any disaster, the wildfires that ravaged parts of Tennessee were a dominating story in the news for days and even weeks. In late 2016 images from the scorched Smoky Mountain areas were shown on news stations across the nation while stories of loss, recovery, and hope also surfaced. But after the immediacy of [...]

Flashpoint Conference Aims to Get Back to Making Disciples Like Jesus Intended

He was strung up by his arms in an Asian prison when the man came up to him and asked to know about his Jesus. “If I tell you, they will beat me even more,” the Christian — who’d been beaten and electrocuted repeatedly — replied. But the man told him the coast was clear [...]

Reasons to Celebrate

Sometimes I think Christians do not celebrate enough. I can say that, when I served as a pastor, I missed some opportune times to pause and thank the Lord for His bountiful blessings because, as a pastoral leader, I was busy looking at the next thing on the agenda. As a state missionary, that oversight [...]

Disaster Relief Volunteers Help Out in Houston County After Storms

Storms made themselves known at the start of the new year, causing significant damage in Houston County on Jan. 2. And Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers immediately stepped into action to assist Alabamians. Columbia Baptist Association DR volunteers began working in the Rehobeth, Malver and Taylor areas doing chainsaw, skid-steer and cleanup work. The [...]

Relational Discipleship Resurfaces while Church Programs Lose Fans

When you ask Daniel Edmonds about where the Church is headed with discipleship these days, he likes to quote Pastor Ken Adams — “Jesus started the Church the way He wanted it, and now He wants the Church the way He started it.” It’s to that end, Edmonds said, that churches today are circling back [...]