Book of Letters simplifies faith lessons for new believers

Red book with title "First Letters: Basic Truths for a New Believer"

A little book is making a big impact on the discipleship of new believers.

“First Letters: Basic Truths for a New Believer” by Larry Hyche is a plainly written Christian primer that explains the basics of the faith. Designed for someone who has little to no church background, the 72-page volume is becoming recognized as a valuable tool for communicating Christianity in simple terms.

The book originated with a series of letters that Hyche, a youth minister at the time, handwrote to a new believer. Each letter was written with the expectation that a related conversation would take place with a trusted Christian friend after the recipient read it.

“This journey started around 1999 when the Holy Spirit put on my heart that the personal connection of discipling was missing,” said Hyche. “I had never discipled anybody one-on-one, so I went to the pastor and asked to disciple the next person to get saved at our church.”

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