Pastors must continue to grow in leadership skills

Ken Allen speaks to room of people seated at tables.

Ken Allen, director of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions office of LeaderCare, said leadership development is a continuing process, and he is a “practitioner” who is growing but hasn’t yet arrived.

“We learn from doing, and we learn from each other,” Allen said. “Our leadership in our churches must be biblical and missional. We want to help our churches discover their God-given purpose.”

Allen hosted the second of four training sessions for an intentional leader series at the SBOM facility in Prattville on April 18. The first session on Jan. 17 focused on the pastor as a person — his call and self-awareness. The April event focused on the work of the pathfinder.

“Finding God’s will for ourselves and our churches is a strategic part of what we do. We want to effect biblical change without blowing things up!” Allen said with a laugh.

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