Messengers adopt racial reconciliation, pro-life resolutions


Alabama Baptists joined the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and five other state conventions in adopting a resolution condemning racism and white nationalism and promoting racial unity.

Messengers to the Alabama Baptist State Convention (ABSC) passed Resolution No. 7, “On Condemning Racism and Promoting Gospel Unity for All Races and Ethnicities in Alabama,” on Nov. 14. The resolution was modeled on a similar one passed by SBC messengers in June. Alabama joined state Baptist conventions in Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Louisiana, all of whom have passed similar statements condemning groups commonly referred to as the Alt-Right.

Resolution No. 7 states that such groups “are awakening racial and ethnic divisions that seek to reignite social animosities, reverse improvements in race relations, divide our people and stir up anger and further separation of races” and have “expressed hatred toward our immigrant and refugee neighbors.” (continued…)

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