Is your church transitioning? You’ve got options, resources


Daniel Edmonds said he hopes that the good things happening at Chisholm Baptist Church, Montgomery, can “paint a picture of what other churches can do in the future.”

Churches that are facing decline “can still be churches that have an impact toward the future,” said Edmonds, Chisholm’s pastor and director of the office of Sunday School and discipleship for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM). “They can still take care of those people God has given them and also reach the neighborhood around them. We as state leaders want to ask — can we intercept a church that’s in decline before the doors are closed and allow God to do a new work in that church?”

How do you know your church is in decline? A few things to consider are your numbers — have you plateaued, or are you losing membership? Have you closed off a wing or a building at your church because it’s not in use anymore? Is your membership struggling to hold the budget up? (continued…)

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