Bicentennial series: Disaster relief ministry meets practical, spiritual needs

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers prepare crawfish on tables at a feeding unit

As Nicholas Ferreira walked the storm-damaged neighborhoods of Arcadia, Florida, after Hurricane Ian hit in September 2022, he wondered if he would have the right words.

“As it was my first deployment, I felt inadequate about not knowing what to say and how to relate to people who had lost everything they had,” he said.

But Ferreira, a new Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief chaplain, found out quickly that God was going before him. As he walked and prayed, he heard a man calling for help.

“As I got closer, I noticed the man was shaken and terrified at what had happened during the hurricane,” Ferreira said. “As he started opening his heart to what had happened to him, he soon noticed I had a Bible in my hands.”

The man asked Ferreira if he could have it — he even offered to pay for it.

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