Bicentennial: Alabama Baptists strengthen focus on Jesus’ call to make disciples

Black and white photo from 1906 of participants at a Baptist Young People's Union convention

Nate Bass said it can be daunting to think about how to reach the entire world for Christ.

But when he looks at his own sphere of influence, the task gets more bite-sized — it becomes about living life with one or two or three people, gauging where they are spiritually and encouraging them to pursue a relationship with Christ.

“Then from there, it’s walking alongside them to a place where they are disciple-makers too,” he said. “It goes from this big picture thing to this small and intimate thing.”

Building His church

Bass, a sophomore at Samford University, said before he took a couple of classes in college that dealt with disciple-making, he saw discipleship as a more programmatic thing.

“Jesus tells us to go and make disciples, and He is going to build His church through that process,” he said. “I get so excited thinking about it — if every Christian who was attending a church on a Sunday was also going out during their week and making disciples and having one person they were intentionally investing in, that would change the world.”

Now Bass spends his life investing in friendships with people in various places in their spiritual journey. He meets with believers to help them grow in their faith, and he has intentional conversations with friends who are not believers or who grew up in church but only have a cultural kind of faith rather than a personal relationship with Jesus.

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