Day 2

Creating Unity in Diversity

J.D. & Andreina Fasolino

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. And although there’s a large Hispanic population, there are few Hispanic churches. J.D. and Andreina moved from Venezuela to plant one.

The Fasolinos started with a small group Bible study. Now Emmanuel Baptist Church East involves more than 70 people worshipping together, representing Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala. They also have a ministry serving migrant workers on a local mushroom farm.

“Because of diversity, some people tend to isolate and become lonely. There is a continuous sense of mourning—the same you have when you lose a loved one—but in this case because you lost your language, your traditions, your friends, family and even your food.” says J.D.

Day 2 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For boldness to proclaim Christ in a city with opposition.
  • For Emmanuel Baptist Church to create community and family for those who are lonely and isolated.

“We moved to Cincinnati to plant Revive City Church. I realize now we were crazy. I walked away from a steady paycheck, and my wife was nine months pregnant,” Kirk explains. “When we started, we had no denomination or network behind us. We felt alone.” They started their first church in a downtown, multi-ethnic area with great spiritual need. In 2016…

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