Day 3

Planting Together

Kirk & Karen Kirkland

Cincinnati, Ohio

“We moved to Cincinnati to plant Revive City Church. I realize now we were crazy. I walked away from a steady paycheck, and my wife was nine months pregnant,” Kirk explains. “When we started, we had no denomination or network behind us. We felt alone.”

They started their first church in a downtown, multi-ethnic area with great spiritual need. In 2016, they prayed about starting a second church. Only this time, they knew they did not have to do it alone.

“That’s when we became a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, and it’s the best move we ever made,” says Kirk.

As Southern Baptist church planting missionaries, the Kirklands received the support to successfully launch a second church and expand their community outreach ministries. They now are looking forward to planting additional churches as God leads.

Day 3 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For the church leaders to develop disciples and multiply small groups throughout the Cincinnati metro area.
  • For their plans to plant a third church.
The immediate threat has blown over, but Hurricane Maria left a deep impact in social, emotional and financial scars on Puerto Rico. That overwhelming need is what drew Jonathan and Yesenia back to the island from their home in New York. I always tell our volunteers, the most important part of their work isn’t the roof they are replacing, it’s the people under the roof. Jonathan serves as the director of Send Relief Puerto Rico.

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