Day 1

Bible to Metaphysical Belt

Dave & Mary Eliff

Seattle, Washington

When Dave and Mary Elliff left Arkansas, they left family and familiar culture to plant a new church in the Pacific Northwest.

“In the South, we have the Bible Belt. In Seattle, people call Roosevelt, the neighborhood where we’re planting, the Metaphysical Belt. 96% of the people here don’t attend an evangelical church,” says Dave. “It’s really well-known for New Age and Eastern religion.”

The Elliffs launched Roots Community Church with just one other couple. They soon formed a core group through community outreach and by recruiting others who felt called to serve in Seattle.

“We started Roots Church in 2016. Since then, we’ve had to move three times because we keep outgrowing our space. That’s a good problem to have. Now, we have almost a hundred people who are a part of our church,” says Mary.

Day 1 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For strength for the team as they work in a challenging,
    unreached community.
  • For hearts to be prepared for the gospel in Roosevelt.

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