Alabama church planter calls flexibility key to avoiding frustration on missions trips


When baby boomers think about Miami, Florida, they think about drugs, crime and gangs — as seen on “Miami Vice” or “CSI: Miami.” When college students think about Miami, they think about a vibrant, cool, modern city with beautiful beaches and a hipster culture — possibly envisioning Justin Bieber driving a Lamborghini on South Beach. I think that’s why college students are always excited about coming to Miami to work with us and their parents are always a little nervous. The truth is Miami is a little bit of both.

From the very beginning of the church planting journey, my wife, Lindsay, and I knew we could not do this alone. We prayed the Lord would send people to help us. We have been amazed at the way He has answered that prayer.

During March and April teams from Baptist Campus Ministries and church-based college ministries helped us invite more than 10,000 people to our Easter services, handed out water in the name of Jesus, witnessed to people at bus stops and on college campuses, did service projects at a local elementary school and even helped us explore another part of Miami where we are trying to start a second location.

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