A little boy was caught snooping through the refrigerator in the church kitchen. When asked why, he said it was because he was hungry! Many of us might have simply sent him on his way. However, this was at Eulaton First Baptist Church in Calhoun Association. The church leaders recognized the need and began a ministry to feed hungry children. They started their hunger ministry.  It soon developed into the Mid-Week Ministry Program. Children are now being provided a hot meal and shown the love of Jesus. Every Wednesday night the church fills a bus and a van to transport children for this ministry.

The Mid-Week Ministry Program started in 2009 and is now a continuing ministry. It has grown over the years. The ministry which started with just a few children has grown to average 155 people fed on Wednesday nights.

Church vehicles pick up the children at their homes or a designated place. The children are transported to church. Church vehicles also stop at the schools to pick up the children who stay late for sports practice and after school activities. After service they are delivered home.

Some of these children live in poverty, but on Wednesdays they receive hot food with the knowledge that someone loves and cares for them. They are told of the love of Jesus and are taught the plan of salvation.

Ministry leader Frances Vinson says, “We (the workers, teachers, pastors, etc.) are so blessed to be able to see that these children and youth are fed at least one hot meal a week, besides their meal at school,  and then learn of Jesus’ love for them.” She added, “The time spent here at church they are in a safe environment, have their stomachs filled [and have] their soul filled with the love of Jesus.”

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