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It is February. Some consider it the Love month. If February is the Love month, what do you do with your spouse the other eleven? Do we really need a special month acknowledging Love? I do not believe we need one. But then my wife and I do not celebrate Valentines Day, Sweetest Day or any other Hallmark holiday. (I realize Hallmark did not create the holiday.) Isn’t love a year round 24/7 concept and practice?

In these United States we use the same word to show our enjoyment of a steak dinner as we use for our commitment to our spouse. We love good food, on a hot day we love a glass of cold lemonade or iced tea, we love our spouse, we love our cat, we love…it is the same word and often the same expression for all of the above. Have you considered whom you love deeply?

In the gospel of Mark, chapter two begins with a story of four men carrying their paralytic friend to Jesus. The house was so crowded they could not get in carrying their friend to see Jesus. But these men loved their friend so deeply, they climbed the stairs carrying him to the roof of the home and cut a hole in the roof large enough to lower their friend on his mat so that he would end up right in front of Jesus. Jesus did indeed heal the man.

Whom do you love enough to carry to Jesus? For whom would you go to such extremes to bring people to the Savior? Does your heart beat for those outside the family of God?

You can give chocolate candy, flowers, and Valentine’s Day cards if you so choose, but do you love deeply enough to share Jesus with those same people? What are you doing to aid in his/her spiritual walk?

The house that night was full to overflowing. Some were there out of curiosity, some were wanting to see a miracle. Others were hoping to prove Jesus was a phony. Out of that large crowd, at least four men got it. They understood who Jesus was and what He was capable of. Four men loved deeply enough to go to extremes to bring their friend, their loved one to the Savior. What would God have you do to bring your loved ones to the Savior? Whom to you love deeply enough…?

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