About George Yates

George Yates serves Alabama Baptists as Church Health Strategist, assisting churches and individuals in becoming more effective in fulfilling The Great Commission. George is also founder and Director of SonC.A.R.E. Ministries, serving churches, individuals, associations, and state conventions as coach and Church Health Strategist.

Energy Transformation

There are biotic principles working around you and me every day of our lives. Biotic refers to actions caused by living organisms. Biotic principles are the underlying causes which produce ongoing operative life. That may sound a little complicated. So let's break it down. Every living thing that God has created, person, animal, plant, has [...]

Translucence of Aim

Bill and Sharon decided to take the family on a vacation in California. Together, they talked about Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and San Diego. Each one is a great place to vacation. However, each one has its own climate base. San Diego is far different in weather than San Francisco or Yosemite. Bill was [...]

Motivating for Success?

Susan, in her mind, is in a dead-end job. Working in the office of a small distribution company, there is no opportunity to move up. Though, that has never been part of Susan’s life plan. She’s been doing the same job for twelve years, sitting at the same desk, looking at the same paper forms [...]

People Are Not Opposed to Change

Believe it or not, ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) were introduced to us in the late 1960’s. When they were first introduced most of the nation was skeptical of them. In fact, most citizens refused to use ATMs. After all, this was a far cry from the normal banking experience. Fast forward to today and many [...]

Lead With Clarity

Pastor Will, speaking with one of his staff members stated, “Joseph, your team is falling behind every week. The other teams seem to be doing fine and keeping the pace. I need you and your team to step it up.” Did you notice a glaring omission in Pastor Will’s statement? There is no clarity. His [...]

Tell Me More

One consideration people everywhere in our culture today have in common is, People want to be heard. Unfortunately, there are two barriers in most organizations. One is, there is no apparent structure for the average worker or member to share his/her viewpoints and suggestions. Some organizations and leaders go to extremes to make sure workers [...]

If Your Church doesn’t look like the Community…

This is a guest post. It is actually a 4 question survey that we ask all team members to complete about their experience through the Reaching the Summit process . This one was completed by the interim pastor of a church who recently completed a one year series of working with me in the Reaching [...]

Vulnerability in Leadership

Many years ago, I hired in, selling vacuum cleaners, in homes. Within four weeks our office management and the owner asked me to take on the role of the sales trainer. Within the next six months, our office had more successful new salespeople than any other office in our nationwide company. In fact, we captured [...]