About George Yates

George Yates serves Alabama Baptists as Church Health Strategist, assisting churches and individuals in becoming more effective in fulfilling The Great Commission. George is also founder and Director of SonC.A.R.E. Ministries, serving churches, individuals, associations, and state conventions as coach and Church Health Strategist.

Coaching Leadership, It Really Works

A study of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ will show that He understood people learn better when they discover answers for themselves. Each of His teaching/learning techniques was focused on the person or persons sitting in front of Him. Be it one person or several thousand, Jesus’ focus was always the same; How [...]

2019 – Go in the Strength You Have!

It is said that a crocodile’s jaw strength can be up to 3,700 psi (pounds per square inch). However, it appears to be nowhere near as strong as a mother who needs to save her child. In this story, the daughter in this situation was 25-years old. This story demonstrates that a mother’s love and [...]

The Night Before Jesus Came

On December 23rd, 1823 an anonymous poem appeared in the Troy Sentinel (New York). The poem’s title was “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. That Poem has become widely known over the years since as “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The author was later identified as, Clement Clark Moore, a professor at the Episcopal General Seminary [...]

Lead by Example

When he closed his prayer, Joe immediately spoke up, “What we want them (church congregation) to do, we must first lead by example. They must see, hear, and know that each one of us is already actively involved in building relationships with unchurched people. Training and equipping them is one thing, but the practical demonstration [...]

Friendly Accountability

In chapter ten of Turnaround Journey, the leadership team at 4C’s church is discussing their “Driving Gauges,” what measurements they will use to gauge and track the progress of objectives and goals for the remainder of the year. Here is what Greg, their coach has to say as they begin. “Greg attempts to clarify his [...]

A New Measure

In chapter 8 of the book Turnaround Journey, the leadership team from 4C’s church is working to identify Destination Indicators for the next 7 months of their journey as a church. Let’s look in on their meeting. As soon as Susan uncaps the marker, Andy begins, “We believe one of our destination indicators could be [...]

Energy Transformation

There are biotic principles working around you and me every day of our lives. Biotic refers to actions caused by living organisms. Biotic principles are the underlying causes which produce ongoing operative life. That may sound a little complicated. So let's break it down. Every living thing that God has created, person, animal, plant, has [...]

Translucence of Aim

Bill and Sharon decided to take the family on a vacation in California. Together, they talked about Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and San Diego. Each one is a great place to vacation. However, each one has its own climate base. San Diego is far different in weather than San Francisco or Yosemite. Bill was [...]

Motivating for Success?

Susan, in her mind, is in a dead-end job. Working in the office of a small distribution company, there is no opportunity to move up. Though, that has never been part of Susan’s life plan. She’s been doing the same job for twelve years, sitting at the same desk, looking at the same paper forms [...]

People Are Not Opposed to Change

Believe it or not, ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) were introduced to us in the late 1960’s. When they were first introduced most of the nation was skeptical of them. In fact, most citizens refused to use ATMs. After all, this was a far cry from the normal banking experience. Fast forward to today and many [...]