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George Yates serves Alabama Baptists as Church Health Strategist, assisting churches and individuals in becoming more effective in fulfilling The Great Commission. George is also founder and Director of SonC.A.R.E. Ministries, serving churches, individuals, associations, and state conventions as coach and Church Health Strategist.

Building Resolutionists

“Oh no. here comes Barbara again. I wonder what’s wrong now. She’s a real pain in my side.” In his book people are never the problem, Robert Watts Jr. states, “Ignoring the real problem and treating people as though they are problems often causes them to strike out against their accusers…” Personally, I like to [...]

Building Resolutionists2019-05-14T12:41:37-05:00

Changing the Habit Loop Part 2

As we shared previously, much of our daily actions are routine habits. Our days consist of a series of habits. Some leaders have been successful due to changing the habit loops of their constituents, employees, or customers. It does not require an in-depth study to see how political parties have used the habit loop in [...]

Changing the Habit Loop Part 22019-05-01T12:07:47-05:00

Changing the Habit Loop

What is the habit loop? A habit consists of three parts; a cue, a routine action, and a reward. According to Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, the cue is a trigger that tells the brain to go into automatic mode following a learned routine. The routine is a physical, mental, or emotional behavior [...]

Changing the Habit Loop2019-04-23T16:01:35-05:00

Take Time to Overcommunicate Change

The pastor came to me with concern. People were leaving his church – long term, stalwart members were leaving. I give him credit, at least he was concerned about this exodus. I speak with too many pastors who do not take a concerned attitude over people leaving. Be your a church, manufacturer, corporate business, or [...]

Take Time to Overcommunicate Change2019-04-18T13:17:12-05:00

Unlearning for Greater Leading

It would be hard for anyone to contradict that the culture around us is changing. In fact, God created us all as beings of constant change. Every living thing that God created, He built for continuous change. As leaders in our family, business, or ministry, things around us are changing and our leadership should also [...]

Unlearning for Greater Leading2019-04-18T13:09:08-05:00

One Small Church Teaches One Giant Lesson

“Were you that pastor?” Came the energetic inquiry from my colleague and fellow consulting/coach. We were sitting in a church Bible study classroom listening to the 76 years of age pastor of this small, declining church. At the time of our meeting, the church was running about 12 in their Sunday morning service. This was [...]

One Small Church Teaches One Giant Lesson2019-04-05T12:58:20-05:00

Will You Let Faith…

The interviewer on the street asked passersby, “How would you describe faith?” The responses varied little. “It’s what they teach you at church in religion class.” Or, “It’s what’s in the Bible.” And occasionally you’ll hear, “It’s what you believe.” All of these responses are vague and perhaps a little scary. Scary in the sense [...]

Will You Let Faith…2019-03-27T14:34:40-05:00

Lesson from one Crippled

Mephibosheth was the grandson of Saul, the first King of Israel. His father was Saul’s son Jonathan. As the grandson of the king, Mephibosheth was used to living in the palace, eating at the king's table. When he was only five years old, his father and grandfather were both killed in battle. David, an adversary [...]

Lesson from one Crippled2019-03-19T14:05:51-05:00

Is Reprimanding Useful?

In a recent post, I wrote about using redirection of behaviors as a means to reach effective production. Redirecting behavior is almost always a greater way to get desired production and results. Wise leaders use redirecting when a person or team has not yet learned or is not practicing behaviors which produce desired results. Perhaps [...]

Is Reprimanding Useful?2019-03-12T20:50:55-05:00

Consistency in Ethics

In any conversation about the importance of organizational and leadership values consistency of ethics would certainly need to be addressed. First, let’s attack the consistency portion of this thought. Consistency of ethics must be practiced by the leadership of any organization (family, church, fortune 500 business). Consistency is the harmonious, steady, reliable and stable actions [...]

Consistency in Ethics2019-03-08T17:42:43-05:00

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