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George Yates serves Alabama Baptists as Church Health Strategist, assisting churches and individuals in becoming more effective in fulfilling The Great Commission. George is also founder and Director of SonC.A.R.E. Ministries, serving churches, individuals, associations, and state conventions as coach and Church Health Strategist.

Lesson from one Crippled

Mephibosheth was the grandson of Saul, the first King of Israel. His father was Saul’s son Jonathan. As the grandson of the king, Mephibosheth was used to living in the palace, eating at the king's table. When he was only five years old, his father and grandfather were both killed in battle. David, an adversary [...]

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Is Reprimanding Useful?

In a recent post, I wrote about using redirection of behaviors as a means to reach effective production. Redirecting behavior is almost always a greater way to get desired production and results. Wise leaders use redirecting when a person or team has not yet learned or is not practicing behaviors which produce desired results. Perhaps [...]

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Consistency in Ethics

In any conversation about the importance of organizational and leadership values consistency of ethics would certainly need to be addressed. First, let’s attack the consistency portion of this thought. Consistency of ethics must be practiced by the leadership of any organization (family, church, fortune 500 business). Consistency is the harmonious, steady, reliable and stable actions [...]

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Coaching for Improvement and Revitalization

On a December evening, another coach and I met with a church that was in despair. We first met with the pastor who was discouraged and questioning whether or not he should remain as pastor of this failing church. It was revealed to us that this once thriving congregation now had maybe 15 in worship [...]

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Setting Performance Standards

As a leader, you set the standard for performance in your organization. There may be several ways to set this standard, some healthy, some not healthy for the organization. If you desire a healthy organization, then as a leader you must demonstrate healthy performance through your every interaction with employees/volunteers. The performance of those around [...]

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Four Leadership Responses to Performance

Each person’s every act of performance necessitates a response. Be it a daily routine or a significant change of behavior, every act of performance does generate a response. As a leader, you communicate a response even when you do not respond. And each response communicates. The question becomes, what are you communicating. It may not [...]

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Correct Leadership Consistency

Not the mood you are in, but people’s performance should determine your response. Our mood affects our attitude and affects our actions and response to others. Leaders often squelch good performance and lose good performers by allowing our mood to control our response. This is outright poor leadership. Our response to any situation should not [...]

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Do you want the people around you to perform at their best?

A friend of mine, Greg Hill, whom I went to high school with, was recently inducted into the Kentucky Track and Field Hall of Fame. I am very proud of Greg for this achievement. He deserves it. Greg was a multi-year state champion and record holder, a three-time All-American at LSU and collegiate champion with [...]

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Why Didn’t I Get Any?

My father was, in my opinion, a master mechanic. He could work on anything from a toaster to a multi-story H-Vac system. For a few years, he operated a small appliance repair business (on the side) out of our basement. He worked on toasters, irons, and other household appliances – before the throwaway age. No [...]

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Rising to be a Champion

Don Shula was a master at coaching. Shula was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1995. Shula’s Dolphins, in 1972 had a perfect season, 17 wins, no losses, the only coach, the only team, to ever have such a season. Shula was named Sportsman of the year in 1993 after becoming [...]

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