What Would Present the Lord the Opportunity to “Restore My Soul”?


I love to visit antique/classic cars shows. I am amazed at the ability of these owners. They pass a kudzu ravine, see a tail fin of some old car and have the insight and determination to follow their hunch and wind up buying, dismantling and restoring that thrown away piece of junk. That is what God does for us as he pulls us off the junk heap and restores our soul.

What put us in the position that caused God to need to restore our soul? Sometimes circumstances beyond our control put us in the position that only God can restore: a tragic unexpected death, a terminal diagnosis from our doctor or a thousand other circumstances. Sometimes it is a bad decision. In this Psalm, David can relate to that because of his bad decision, and so can we. Even when we make bad decisions, however, God stands ready to restore our soul. I have heard often that we are all just one step away from stupid. I rejoice that even when I am just stupid God stands ready to restore my soul.

Finally, there are the unfulfilled dreams. Many times we work our entire lives to accomplish a particular goal only to wake up one morning and realize that it’s just not going to happen! An athlete prepares all of their life for a career in professional sports only, in one brief moment, to have an injury that makes that totally impossible. Whatever the cause God stands ready to restore our soul.

What a consolation David must have felt. Me too!

Source: GreatCommissionGPS.org
What Would Present the Lord the Opportunity to “Restore My Soul”?

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