“For unto us a child is given, unto us a son is born.” Isaiah 9:6

This verse is packed so full with information that it cannot be exhausted in a thousand books. Just ponder for a few minutes of what that verse says about your redemption from he clutches of sin and eternal separation from God. To grasp only that one perspective is mind-boggling. Then there is he fact that the creator of the universe came to earth to live as one of us, His most cherished creation. That too is mind-boggling.

We could go on and on about the implications of Isaiah 9:6. We certainly serve a gracious God, the only true God of the universe. As we walk through this month of celebrations and joyous occasions, let us not only make memories of wonderful times. Let us also leave memories with as many people as we can of the love God has poured out on us by pouring out His love onto others.

What Could We Do?

What will you do this holiday season to share the love of Jesus with others – strangers and neighbors. The list of possibilities is endless. Bake a few extra cookies, or candies to distribute at random or to neighbors, or others. Hand out greeting cards to strangers in stores, shops, Dr. offices, at the gas pump. I plan to once again hand out ten-dollar bills at random to cashiers, restaurant workers and others on the street.

Gifts of kindness need not cost you money. What about sitting with and listening to an elderly person in their home? Or share with people of other generations of your appreciation for them. Stand at a store entrance and open the door for all going in or coming out telling each one “God Loves You.” How about volunteering at a local store to carry items out for shoppers – get the consent of the store manager first. Can you spend some time with children and teachers sharing the love of God as He has loved you?

What More Could We Ask?

Let me encourage you to find something to share the love of God with people outside of your normal circle of influence this holiday season. Be certain you are not doing it for recognition or to put a feather in your cap. Do something that you expect nothing in return. Perhaps your greatest blessing will come when you share the love of Christ anonymously.

Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. You will be blessed indeed! After all, “For unto us a child is given, unto us a son is born.” What more could we ask than what He has done?

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