God’s Word is truth – the only truth. Today, society will tell you that you make your own truth. “What you believe to be truth is truth.” This is so far removed from actual truth that it is more than sorrowful. A read through history will show other societies that went the same path. Not one of those societies lasted. False truths always lead to destruction of a society.

For decades, the church has not done very well at instilling truth into churchgoers. Ours has become a Christianity of comfort and relativity. This relativity is determined by each individual’s own comfort level. Not that we have taught this relativity in the church, but the world has had a stronger influence over our teaching in the lives of our members than has the church. More than truth, religion today is dependent on whether it feels good or is within our comfort zone.

We live as, “If I am not comfortable with any part of the Bible, then I need not adhere to that portion.” This is not living the truth, neither is it the Christianity of the New Testament book of Acts. Heartfelt deep prayer is needed! God’s Word is truth – the only truth.

Jesus, nor the church brow beat people into understanding truth, but it was taught in the temple and in homes daily. It was demonstrated daily in the lives of believers. Apparently, we are not living the same type lives today. After all God was “adding to their number daily.” That happens not in the temple (church) but in the market, in the workplace, in the neighborhood. Why is God not adding to our number daily? I believe it is due to the fact that we are living a different Christianity. It is what I call the westernization of Christianity.

Without a repentant heart from our Pastors, teachers, and other leaders we will not see the return of the true church in our nation. Not only a repentant heart, but also a rejuvenated committed drive to bring back into our churches the level of commitment found in the book of Acts.

This will take time, and it must begin with prayer, a concerted prayer effort in each church and from church to church, praying earnestly for one another. Our prayer lives must accelerate beyond our normal practice. We must learn again to pray not from the head, but from the heart. When was the last time you poured out your heart and soul to God in prayer? This type of prayer often is accompanied by weeping and trembling. Can you remember your last prayer time like this?

Out of this prayer effort must follow a transformed Spirit filled preaching and teaching in our churches of God’s whole truth, bringing people to their knees in repentant forgiveness producing a new generation of biblical Christianity – The Truth, The Way. This will only happen as we; the leaders – and members – of the church fall on our faces before the Lord Almighty allowing His Holy Spirit to transform us and our teaching, preaching, our own lifestyle into His full truth.

God’s Word is truth, and we must return to a Christ-like delivery and life. When did you last pour your heart out with weeping and trembling before God? Praying for a congregation living Truth Activated!

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