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What’s up, everybody? Matt Daniels here, campus minister at the University of North Alabama coming to bring you our next action item in the big five and that is to have intentional conversations. See I had a good friend tell me one time that the Great Commission is not an option to be considered, but a command to be obeyed.

And so who is it in your life that you know you need to reach out to and have an intentional, spiritual, gospel conversation with? To have a bold proclamation of the gospel, to let them know that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that they may not perish but have everlasting life with Jesus Christ. Who is it that needs the hope of Jesus in your life? And you know that person needs Him.

The greatest act of love we can ever do for anybody in our life is to tell them the gospel. To tell them about Jesus and what he’s done in our life. You have a story, I have a story. We need to share that story and be intentional in reaching out to someone.

Have a phone call with them, a face time session. Maybe it’s somebody in your house you need to sit down with and have this intentional conversation with. This isn’t a text message, Snapchat, anything like that. This is a real, relational, heart to heart, truthful conversation to have with somebody. To let them know the hope that is in Jesus Christ. And to further encourage you on this, here’s one of our students at UNA, Molly Kathryn Cooper.

Student Testimony

My name is Molly Kathryn, and I’m with the BCM at UNA, and I want this to be a word of encouragement that y’all can still have intentional conversations during this time of quarantine.

Just this past week I was on the phone with my friend from high school. We were just talking about random stuff and then she got really real with me and told me how she was struggling with this time and that she was just really upset and angry with the Lord.

So I reminded her of Isaiah 40:8 which says, “The grass withers away and the flowers fall, but the word of God endures forever.” And I just reminded her like in this time it is hard, but we just need to be in prayer with the Lord first of all, just talking to Him, but really dive into His word because like that verse says, this is all temporary, but the Word of God endures forever.

The Word of God is constant, and it’s good news. And this is a scary time. It’s nothing certain, we don’t really know what’s going on. And, in his word we’re gonna find hope, we’re gonna find joy, and so I just encourage y’all to share that hope and joy that we find everyday in the Word just with other people and we can do that with social media, Zooming, Google Classroom, FaceTime. There’s so many ways you can do that and so I really encourage y’all to go out there and have an intentional conversation with somebody.


I hope this encourages you. I hope this challenges you. I hope this gives you enough motivation to stand up and say, “Yes Lord, I’m gonna go tell this person who it is, who it is they need to know”.

So here’s what I wanna encourage you to do. Write the name down of the person God has put on your heart. Pray over that name, and then be so bold to share and have that gospel conversation with that person. Reach out to them and say, “Hey, I need to talk to you about something that’s very important to me.” And begin to have that conversation. Share with them your story.

You’ve heard it all throughout this virus. “For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.” And see, this was written to Timothy who was a pastor. And Paul knew that Timothy tended to be a little timid, and I think we as believers in 2020 have been timid for far too long. It’s time for us to have a sense of urgency. Stand up, have intentional conversations, write the name down, reach out to them, and tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.

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