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In challenging times, questions concerning the Southern Baptist Convention are often asked. As one loyal Southern Baptist who is committed strongly to giving through the Cooperative Program, I would like to offer some personal reflections as to the value of CP in the life of Southern Baptists generally and of our own state convention. I would say the Cooperative Program is more valuable now than ever.

REASON #1: International Missionaries
The International Mission Board is a prime reason we need to continue to be faithful in giving through the Cooperative Program. There are 3,600 missionaries serving with the IMB who need our support, now more than ever, as they are deployed to help spread the Gospel around the globe.

REASON #2: North American Missionaries
The North American Mission Board has been given the ministry assignment of reaching North America for Christ. They also need our support now more than ever. Pray for more than 2,200 NAMB missionaries who share the love of Jesus in our region of the world.

REASON #3: Seminaries
Six seminaries prepare their students to answer God’s call in Southern Baptist congregations and ministries across our nation and for service as missionaries in many nations. Now more than ever, let’s be faithful in preparing students to help saturate the world with the Gospel as they remain faithful to God’s call.

REASON #4: Disaster Relief
Alabama Baptists are involved heavily in the Yellow Shirt Army of disaster relief volunteers. They are ready to respond in times of crisis. We have more than 7,000 trained volunteers in Alabama. They need our support, now more than ever, as they minister to hurting people in times of crisis.

REASON #5: Church Planting
Your state missionaries are strongly committed to church planting. Church planting with Cooperative Program resources is always in partnership with local Baptist associations. We have made some solid advances in helping churches be planted across Alabama and beyond. These efforts need our support now more than ever.

REASON #6: Church Revitalization
Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions staff are dedicated to assisting churches in efforts of church revitalization. This is often challenging, but these efforts need our support now more than ever.

REASON #7: LeaderCare
Other State Board of Missions staff are working diligently to strengthen and nurture leaders even as these Kingdom servants have answered the Lord’s call in serving His churches. They need our support now more than ever.

REASON #8: Collegiate & Student Ministries
Baptist Collegiate and Student Ministries is vitally important. We are deeply dedicated to reaching the 300,000 students on college campuses across Alabama and seeking to disciple them as fully-committed followers of Christ. Baptist Collegiate Ministers and the students they are trying to reach need our support now more than ever.

REASON #9: University of Mobile
Students at the University of Mobile are in their formative years receiving training in a Christian worldview. To say they are our future is trite, but it is true. These students need our support now more than ever.

REASON #10: Alabama Baptist Ministries
All entities and auxiliaries in Alabama Baptist life carry out Great Commission assignments from our state convention. Shocco Springs Conference Center, Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, The Alabama Baptist newspaper, The Baptist Foundation of Alabama, Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union, and the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission provide more value-added service to our churches than anyone could calculate. They need our support now more than ever.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many ministries offered by the SBC and our state convention that make a difference in people’s lives. The stories of the ministries are often lost in the conversation during a challenging time such as this, but let me say again they need our support now more than ever.

As is always the case, if your state missionaries can provide more information about the Cooperative Program or assist your Alabama Baptist church with Great Commission Ministries, please contact us at (334) 613-2319, drogers@alsbom.org or (334) 613-2219, mjackson@alsbom.org.

Rick Lance
Psalm 100

Originally published at RickLance.com.

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