Promoting Self-Improvement Produces Effectiveness


In a recent advertisement on television, employees are sharing the benefits of working for this particular company. One young lady says, “They’re gonna pay for me to go to school so I can eventually leave the company. Like that’s insane!” Undoubtedly this was an unbelievable benefit as far as she was concerned. There are very few companies who do pay for college or trade school educations for employees, with the understanding most employees will leave the company after finishing school.

This sounds a little unusual, yet I contend it should be more of a norm than an abnormality. Effective leaders know helping employees/volunteers in their self-improvement is one of the greatest benefits that can be provided by any organization. If I as a leader I am not assisting my employees/volunteers to improve and reach for his/her greatest potential, I am doing each one a disservice and our organization as well.

Paying for schooling may not be possible in your organization. That is okay. It is not about diplomas. It is about people’s self-worth. There are many, many items you can offer to assist people in self-improvement. One that costs you nothing but a few seconds of time on a regular basis is encouragement. Find out people’s interests and encourage him/her to strive for improvement in that area.

A person will always serve in more productive ways when he/she believes the organization cares for his/her future and effectiveness in life. An organization that creates an environment to help everyone expand on his/her personal skills for a better future, will embolden that person’s commitment to the organization’s goals. Is one of your organizational goals to help all involved to improve his/her skills to serve him/her for the rest of life?

From the candidate or employee’s perspective, everyone should ask him/herself, “How will working here increase my ability and skill preparing me for a better life?” If each of us will ask that question for every organization we are involved with (work, church, civic organization), we can find the right place to serve according to God’s purpose in our life. In that “right place,” we will work for self-improved skills and effective service.

As an employee/member, you might be in the right place. You might be the one person who needs to bring to your organization the opportunity to assist others in self-improvement. Think on that thought right now. What can you do, even if you are not in leadership, to assist others in reaching for their God-given purpose? This may be your first step in fulfilling your own God-given purpose.

As a leader, what will you do this week to provide a better environment for the self-improvement of every person associated with your organization?

George Yates is the Church Health Strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, assisting churches and individuals in pursuing God’s purpose for life. Learn more at

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