Children’s Ministry Director

Thorington Road Baptist Church

Thorington Road Baptist Church
Children’s Director
Job Description

The Thorington Road Baptist Church Children’s Director is tasked with the spiritual nurturing of our children between the ages of infant and 5th grade. The spirit of the Director should convey that spirit expressed by Jesus when he blessed the children in Mark 10:13-16.

The Thorington Road Baptist Church Children’s Director is responsible for the age groups ranging from infants to 5th grade. Responsibilities include but are not limited to ministry oversight, volunteer training, organization, and direct involvement. The Children’s Director reports to the Family Minister or the Senior Pastor in the absence of the Family Minister. In the absence of both the Family Minister and the Senior Pastor, the Children’s Director will report to the Personnel Committee. This position will be responsible to establish annual objectives and budgetary goals with the approval of the Family Minister. Continual thought is to be given to ministry growth as well as the development of future leaders.
Weekly Responsibilities
• Confirmation of Sunday School, Extended Care, and Children’s Church workers – substitute as needed
• Recording and submission of attendance records
• Arrive in advance of Sunday School teachers for preparation and assistance
• Assist Sunday School teachers as needed before and after each class
• Order and distribute teaching materials
• Confirm contact with children absent weekly
• Plan Children’s Church programming
• Recruit Children’s Church workers
• Monitor teaching supplies
• Coordinate, promote, and participate in planned events
• Communicate ministry needs of family members of children to the Family Minister and respond as needed
• Meet weekly with the Family Minister or attend weekly Staff Meetings
• Submit time sheet for hours worked to the Family Minister for review and approval
• Additional tasks as assigned by Senior Pastor

Annual Responsibilities

• Develop and maintain substitute teacher list
• Recruit teachers for Sunday School
• Continually evaluate teaching material
• Develop and publish Children’s Church themes
• Recruit Children’s Church volunteers
• Participate in VBS where needed
• Director of annual Spring Event (Easter Theme)
• Director of annual Fall Event (Harvest Theme)
• Coordinate annual 1st grade Bible presentation
• Coordinate bulletin board(s) decoration
• Coordinate school beginning class-room cleaning/organizing/decorating
• Coordinate accurate student information (demographics, school, etc.)
• Interact with parents pertaining to student special needs
• Additional tasks as assigned by immediate supervisors

Job Description Acknowledgement:
I have read the above job description for the position of Children’s Director and understand my role and responsibilities. I understand that my performance evaluation will be based on the contents of this job description. I acknowledge that a copy of my job description has been provided to me.

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