Audio | Visual | Media Director

Lindsay Lane Baptist Church

Principal Function:
Work under the direct supervision of the Worship Pastor to direct audiovisual media activities, including audio/video/lighting (AVL), web development, billboards, newspaper ads, and other media.
A professing Christian who adheres to the doctrine and theological teachings of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church.
Must present and maintain a neat, professional, and well-groomed personal appearance; possess and demonstrate good organization, communication, and people skills; able to coordinate, supervise, and work well with volunteers and church employees.
Must refrain from the consumption of alcohol and/or tobacco products.
Must possess an advanced working knowledge of audiovisual equipment and operations.
Must possess an understanding and working knowledge of computer networks and related equipment with an advanced skill set for utilizing Windows XP, Microsoft Office, and other software applications.
A minimum of three years of work experience in a related field; professional certifications and/or a college degree are desirable.
Job Duties:
1) Provide complete AVL support, ensuring each area and its related equipment are appropriately staffed and prepared for all worship services and other pertinent activities and events.
2) Oversee the church’s broadcast ministry; editing and coordinating the program’s content and production.
3) Adhere to applicable copyright laws concerning the use, duplication, distribution, and broadcast of music, lyrics, and other such materials.
4) Plan, develop, and/or coordinate the marketing and advertising activities of the church via newspaper, radio, television, and other media.
5) Manage approved budgets responsibly, adhering to purchasing guidelines as established, as well as prepare an annual budget request for AVL and other areas of responsibility.
6) Keep office and other work areas neatly maintained to include monitoring and/or inspecting rooms following ministry-related use, ensuring that church facilities are appropriately cleaned and maintained.
7) Attend professional development conferences and workshops as needed or assigned.
8) Perform other tasks as assigned.

Salary & Benefits:
Negotiable; commensurate with job knowledge and experience. Benefits are granted as outlined in the church’s Personnel Manual.

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