Nathan and Lesley Tubbs’ summer ministry in New York City was just the beginning of their work there.  After graduating from Auburn, Nathan, a Clanton native, felt God’s call to plant a church in NYC.  He and Lesley moved there and began Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

The official launch of the church plant was on September 11, 2011.  Since that time, they have experienced great growth and opportunity for ministry.  Through involvement in community events, the church is becoming well known as “the church that meets in the hotel.”  Partnering churches from Alabama and other areas have traveled to Brooklyn to work alongside Cornerstone members in community events helping to share the gospel and let the community know about the church.

The Tubbs family, Nathan, Lesley, and their two children, welcome teams to join them in praying for their ministry as well as coming to Brooklyn to work with them.

Source: A18C.org
Nathan and Lesley Tubbs

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