Message of Encouragement for Pastors – Annel Robayna


Greetings pastors and leaders. I pray that you’re doing well.

I wanna share with you, a verse of the scripture. That is found in Exodus 14:3 And this is what the Bible says. “For Pharaoh will say of the people of Israel. “They are wandering in the land. “The wilderness has shut them in.” The people of Israel were facing difficult times in this chapter.

On one side, the whole army, the most powerful army of the time what’s coming against them. On the other side, the red sea. And it’s enough for us to think, what are we going to do? Is this the end of ourselves is this the end of our season, is this the end of everything? And as they saw themselves facing this. They started to lose heart. They started to complain against Moses, but Moses told them on verse 13. “Fear not stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord, “which he will work for you today.”

It may seem that we’re surrounded by negative and sad news all around us. But the reality is that we are surrounded by God Almighty. Pharaoh thought that Israel was surrounded. That the desert has shut the people of Israel in. But in fact that was the strategy for Almighty God to deliver them and to perform great wanders to the eyes of the Israelites.

We are not surrounded by our negative circumstances. The only thing surrounding us is the mighty hand of God. Who will deliver us as we stand firm and see the salvation that he will bring about. I hope this message encourages you today. And remember, God is working. He is on the move. He hasn’t forgotten about us. And He has us exactly where he wanted us to be. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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