Disaster Relief does more than rebuild homes


From Limestone to Baldwin counties, they came in droves. Only there to help, they never asked for anything in return. Approximately 7,000 volunteers strong, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) mobilized chainsaw teams, heavy equipment operators, chaplains, administration, child care and mass feeding personnel in 2014 to minister and help survivors of natural disasters.

Because of the back-to-back tornadoes and flooding of April 2014, last year was a “huge year for disaster relief,” said Mel Johnson, disaster relief strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. “Within the first 24 hours of the April tornadoes and flooding, 80 percent of Alabama’s cleanup, recovery and chainsaw units along with other personnel were deployed to various areas across the state.”

During 2014, DR volunteers logged more than 16,000 workdays. One workday is defined as one person providing 8–10 hours in relief work.

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Source: SBDR.org
Disaster Relief does more than rebuild homes

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