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Discipling men is a challenge! Be encouraged and challenged by the following talks hosted by Bobby Herrington of and pastors Anthony Walker and Chris Harper. (Reposted by permission of

Dear Discipleship-first Friends,

The cultural landscape for men has shifted hard over the last 5-10 years. It can be challenging to know how to disciple men in a way that helps them live the Jesus life in a world that is constantly shifting, while questioning if there is a healthy masculinity much less a biblical one.

This is where Anthony Walker and Chris Harper come in. They did a series of two talks and a discussion at the Nashville City Tour that focused on the unique challenges of discipling men in today’s world. They talk about the shifting culture and the good or harm that can be done based on how we tackle this.

Here are their three videos from Nashville!

Anthony Walker talks about how men need to help each other navigate through life. He encourages men to admit their struggles, accept the truth, and follow the light of Jesus. He believes that as men unite and support each other, they can be better than they were before.

Chris Harper gets into the complex topic of mentoring men and the evolution of modern masculinity, within a shifting societal paradigm.

This Q&A is on recognizing and affirming the divine nature of masculinity and the unique calling assigned to men by God.

For additional resources to assist your church in discipling men, contact Larry Hyche at the State Board of Missions, SBOM resources are made possible by gifts of Alabama Baptists through the Cooperative Program.

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