Announcing: Career Plant

  What are you going to do after college? Where will you live and work? What are you going to do for the rest of your life? Life after college can seem scary and full of unknowns. There are so many questions to answer, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out where the [...]

Announcing: Career Plant2019-04-18T13:02:51-05:00

What’s in Your Hands?

Throughout Exodus, God used a shepherd’s staff to show Moses, the Israelites and other nations His power and presence. As Moses leaves his encounter with God at the burning bush, God tells him in Exodus 4:17 to take his shepherd’s staff and use it to perform the miraculous signs God has shown him. When Moses [...]

What’s in Your Hands?2019-04-18T13:01:54-05:00

The Story of Sin

Last week, I found myself sitting in a circle with 19 other people, three of whom were students from our campus ministry. The other 15 were members of a different student organization, one that offers community built upon a secular worldview. Jim, our BCM president, had been personally invited to represent Christianity in a night [...]

The Story of Sin2019-04-05T14:01:38-05:00

How Have You Been Dressing Lately?

Last week, I attended a ceremony and reception dedicating a statue in honor of a former dean of the College of Education at Troy University, Dr. James Kimbrough. He has been a great supporter of Baptist Campus Ministries over many years and continues to provide encouragement for me personally. However, I did not plan well [...]

How Have You Been Dressing Lately?2019-03-27T14:35:19-05:00

Summer on Mission will Change Your Life

“One summer on mission will forever change the trajectory of your life and the lives of those you serve.” If you spend some time talking to Lauren, that is a phrase you’ll likely hear. Lauren’s past two summers serving as a student missionary have given her a unique perspective on the importance of missions and [...]

Summer on Mission will Change Your Life2019-02-20T07:25:29-05:00

AAEO helps church planters in college communities

As seniors across Alabama look forward to high school graduation, many are deciding which college campus will be their home for the next few years.  For those who don’t know Christ, their college years may be their opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. More than 200,000 students in Alabama do not have a [...]

AAEO helps church planters in college communities2019-02-19T15:15:36-05:00

Go and Spread His Word

“God will provide us opportunities to go and spread His word.” A.J. Wasden had heard those words since he was a little kid at Springhill Baptist Church in Franklin (Bethlehem Baptist Association). Wasden had prayed many times for the Lord to give him that chance, but Springhill was a small church. Thus, his opportunities to [...]

Go and Spread His Word2019-02-07T15:42:04-05:00

Snapshots of Jesus

Ever wonder what Jesus might post on Instagram? Consider these possible snapshots – images of Jesus that will show us what it looks like to pattern our lives after Him: 1. First, the image of Him with worn out knees: not as a fashion statement, but worn out because of His practice of the discipline of [...]

Snapshots of Jesus2019-02-12T22:17:37-05:00

Reach Every Student

With the beginning of a new year, let’s take time to reflect. To celebrate. To praise God for what He has done – and for what He will do. We launched a new emphasis at the annual state convention meeting in November: Reach Every Student. With more than 200,000 students in Alabama who do not [...]

Reach Every Student2019-02-12T22:17:38-05:00

What question would you ask God?

Zacchaeus was a wee little man And a wee little man was he He climbed up in a sycamore tree For the Lord he wanted to see And when the Savior passed that way He looked up in the tree And said, ‘Zacchaeus, you come down! For I’m going to your house today! For I’m [...]

What question would you ask God?2019-02-12T22:17:48-05:00

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