Bicentennial: Collegiate ministries reach ‘important missions field’

College students gather in circle for worship

Chad Stillwell said he was at a low point the day he walked across the commuter parking lot at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and was offered a Coke.

“I wasn’t in church and was very far from God and depressed,” said Stillwell, who was a pre-med student at the time.

When students from UAB’s Baptist Campus Ministries offered him a free drink, he asked what the catch was.

“I said, ‘Do I have to sign up for a credit card?’ And they said, ‘No, we’re just here to let you know God loves you and He has a plan for your life,’” he said.

That struck Stillwell. Before he knew it, he had gone back with some of them to the BCM building to talk about it more.

“Within days I was attending Bible studies and worship, and within months I was a summer missionary going out to serve,” he said.

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