Global Hunger Sunday Provides Opportunity to Learn and Give

Croutons and crackers isn’t much of a supper. But near the end of last year’s fall festival at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, in Bibb Baptist Association, that’s all that was left. And it was what a man and his grandson ate instead of leaving hungry. The incident pricked the hearts of church members who witnessed [...]

Celebrating Associations in October

Associations are networks of churches in your geographical region that gather together usually around this time of year and many in October: (1) to celebrate what God has been doing among the churches and (2) to help you understand what the churches in your association can do to spread the Gospel together to reach communities [...]

Churches can reach communities by offering literacy programs

Have you ever been to a foreign country whose language you did not know? Remember how awkward you felt and perhaps how you compensated so others would not suspect your insufficient skills? Low-level readers face this awkwardness every day. Most adults who are struggling readers hide it very well. They do not want to be [...]

Global Impact Alabama seeks to reach immigrants in state with gospel

A lot could change if we’d be willing to just go in a grocery store and strike up a conversation with the people who work there. At least that’s what Alan Cross says. “Imagine if you moved to South Asia. You would want to know somebody local in the community. It just makes your life [...]

Retooling VBS to include ESL provides opportunities for Alabama Baptist churches to reach Mixteco families

Hallay Cagle remembers when it hit her. “A little boy came in and he was in first or second grade, and his mom was really upset,” she said. The mom didn’t speak English but through a translator Cagle learned that the little boy hadn’t made it to the bathroom in time at school and had [...]

ESL ministries provide Alabama Baptist churches with way to reach internationals

Kristy Kennedy said she doesn’t have a number. She doesn’t even have a ballpark figure. “I just kind of hear about it as I travel around visiting churches,” she said. But what she hears, she loves. “What I’ve really enjoyed seeing is that some of our smaller churches and small towns are really catching the [...]

Morningview Baptist member follows God’s leading to reach community

It might be easy to look at Hallay Cagle’s life and ministry and think the doors just swung wide open. But they didn’t. “The community was very closed off,” she said of a Mixteco population living in a secluded apartment complex in Montgomery. (continued...) - Read the full article from The Alabama Baptist newspaper at:

Deaf Ministries of Alabama are alive and kicking!

To me, one of the most fascinating stories in the Bible is the account of Nehemiah. It is a story about a sovereign God who delights in using human means to accomplish His plans and purposes. Nehemiah was given a taste of Jesus’ burden for Jerusalem. He was invited to both follow and take a [...]

Hunger funds part of cooperative ministry effort in Marshall County

Sometimes it takes the honesty of a child to open our eyes to the needs around us and remind us how much we take for granted. That happened not so long ago for Linda Henry, executive director of Marshall County Christian Services (MCCS). Henry was completing a family intake interview and enjoying the playful 3-year-old [...]

Chris Baker, an Alabamian planting a church in Montana

Plow the snow off an elderly woman’s sidewalk. Check. Help serve meals to 80-plus people on a cold November evening. Check. Drive a team of missions volunteers around town hoping to catch a glimpse of a moose. Check. The to-do list is quite different these days for Chris Baker and he absolutely loves it. After [...]