Global Hunger Sunday Provides Opportunity to Learn and Give


Croutons and crackers isn’t much of a supper.

But near the end of last year’s fall festival at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, in Bibb Baptist Association, that’s all that was left. And it was what a man and his grandson ate instead of leaving hungry.

The incident pricked the hearts of church members who witnessed it, said church member Pat Shadrick, and soon she and others were formulating a plan to provide a free meal each week for community members who might not have much food at home.

“We had a new family life center, and it hit us that this building was not just for games,” Shadrick said. “We needed to be doing something in this family life center that was going to reach the lost.” (continued…)

Read the full article from The Alabama Baptist newspaper – http://www.thealabamabaptist.org/global-hunger-sunday-provides-opportunity-to-learn-and-give/

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