Youth Ministries
Jon Lamarque

Rethinking Student Ministry

Canceled. Socially Distance. Quarantine. Virtual. Shelter-in-place. If you’re like me, these are words you are tired of hearing. The past five months in student ministry

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Alabama Baptist SBOM

Tech Talk

Doug Rogers Let’s begin. Let me welcome you to our tech talk. This may be one of several if the interest is there, but we

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Rick Lance

A Back-to-School Prayer Time

Every year, many of our churches have a time in which they pray for our students, teachers/professors, and administrators as schools, colleges, and universities open

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Youth Ministries
Cody Hensley

The Importance of Clarity

There is a lot of frustration these days, and it isn’t because of coronavirus. Across our country, people are arguing over the efficacy of masks,

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