Three men sitting together on a couch praying with man on left placing hand on the back of man in the center

5 Truths for Investing in Men

Few things bear more fruit and have a greater impact on a local church than systematically and consistently investing in men. By J. Josh Smith I am a fourth-generation pastor

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Closeup shot of clothes hanging on hangers in the closet
Church Revitalization
George Yates

How to Dress For Church

Occasionally I receive comments or questions regarding the way I dress for church. When preaching, I almost always wear a jacket and tie, or maybe a suit (depending on the

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Brown books, globe and diploma with red ribbon on it
Youth Ministries
Scooter Kellum

Commissioning Instead of Graduating

For years in youth ministry, I have been a part of graduation Sundays when it was time for students to graduate from high school. We always recognized graduates during Sunday

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