3 Organizational Benefits of Properly Utilizing Teams


“We’ve seen phenomenal growth; great spiritual growth, individual growth of team members…and how that spiritual growth spilled over to the church…” Jeff Perkins, Pastor, Mansfield Baptist Church, GA.

Perhaps today, greater than any time in modern history, utilizing teams in any organization is being realized as producing more effective results and forward progress. The collaborative effort of teamwork will propel any organization forward. The combined knowledge and varied experience of team members propels the team and organization toward preset goals, potentially reaching beyond expectations. However, not utilizing team traits effectively can lead to less than stellar results. (see previous post)

Let’s identify three organizational benefits of utilizing teams properly. First, the collaborative effort blends complementary energies and influences. Rather than one personality controlling the conversation and direction of a team, a collaborative effort combines every team member’s experience and wisdom. This creates a positive energy that incorporates everyone. In addition to the experiences and wisdom of combined energies, created also is a corporate influence among the team members which can overflow throughout the organization.

The second organizational benefit of properly utilizing teams is it fosters creativity. As discussions ensue, the brains higher level thought processes kick into gear and creativity begins to flow. One person may make a suggestion or ask a question. A second person adds a possible ingredient. Then a third person chimes in with a component that will be conducive to the workforce and a fourth person may bring to light some resource already within the organization. All these together form the basis of the right path to follow.

Organizational seldom comes from one person. A team of five to seven will prove to be an optimal source of creativity time in and time out. When teams get too large decision making becomes hampered and input from all team members is weakened. Keep teams at seven or less for your greatest productivity and results. Leaders should interject questions that encourage and promote creative thinking.

The third organizational benefit of utilizing teams is teams supports proprietorship. It is not that team members will be taking ownership of the organization. But they will take ownership of moving the organization forward. It no longer is about a job or self-interests. The team project is about results, moving the organization forward.

When teams are properly utilized, when the purpose is clear, goals and objectives are established from the beginning, open communication prevails and achievements are celebrated, people move to a higher level of achievement. Individuals begin to take responsibility in ownership of the success of the team’s objectives and the organizations progress.

What will you do this week to improve the organizational benefits of your teams – those you serve on and the teams throughout your organization?

To see a 4 minute video of Jeff Perkins and 2 church members testimony click here .

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