In March, my wife and I finally welcomed home our daughter from India after a 2 1/2 year process. If that was all that had happened this year, you could say our lives changed pretty drastically. But a few months later I was called to relocate from the University of Montevallo BCM, where I had served for 10 years, to Auburn University. So since this time last year I have a new daughter, a new house and a new place of service. It’s fair to say my life has changed!

As we end the Fall semester and look ahead toward Christmas, it’s important to think about how drastically many students’ lives have changed as well. Many are finishing up their first semester as a college student and preparing to return home to families who may not notice how much growing up they have been forced to do. Others may be dealing with changes caused by choices they have made, perhaps by pursuing a different major or a different significant other. Still, others have made a change by making a first time profession of faith or perhaps catching a vision of what Christ’s call on their life really means!

With change comes new possibilities, new opportunities and, needless to say, new challenges. Auburn BCM itself faces a change in the future as we transition to a new facility. But hopefully with all the challenges comes growth. Change confronts our propensity toward stagnation or inertia.

So as you look toward this Christmas season and the new year to come, I encourage you to look forward to the changes God brings your way and the unexpected directions in which He leads you. You never know where you might wind up a year from now if you are faithful to His leading!

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Seasons of Change

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