Associate Pastor of Youth

El Bethel Baptist Church

Principal Function: The Associate Pastor of Youth of El Bethel Baptist Church will act as a ministerial staff member under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and will share the responsibilities with the Senior Pastor for general watch care over all activities/ministries of the church. He will be responsible primarily for ministering to the youth (grades 7-12).

Responsible/Accountable to: Church membership and Senior Pastor

Responsibilities: As Associate Pastor of Youth, plan and conduct a Christ-centered, progressive youth ministry program which will include, but not be limited to, the following:

·       Share the gospel with the lost youth, parents, community and beyond, equipping youth to do the same.

·       Coordinate the training of youth to serve as missionaries to their school campuses and, as allowed by law, minister on the school campuses with the influence of Christ.

·       Network with other evangelical youth leaders in the community to support students in starting and strengthening school campus ministries and to coordinate events designed to evangelize and disciple youth.

·       Plan and supervise youth retreats, Disciple Now, camps, mission trips, etc. for spiritual enrichment.

·       Coordinate an overall youth curriculum plan for the church youth ministry (under the direction of the Senior Pastor), leading to properly sequenced, biblically balanced, and comprehensive Christian education of those active in the youth ministry, while utilizing fully all willing parents and youth leadership.

·       Act as the youth advocate before the church in business meetings, council meetings, budget/finance considerations and ministry objectives.

·       Plan and administer an annual Youth Ministry Budget, well thought out and presented to the Finance Committee at the designated time each year.

·       Maintain communications of plans with the Senior Pastor and the pastoral and administrative staff. Coordinate all plans and activities with the Senior Pastor for discussion and approval.

·       Plan for and teach Youth on Sundays and Wednesdays (equipping other lay ministers for the purpose of expansion of ministry).

·       Plan and supervise monthly/weekly activities for outreach and spiritual enrichment of all youth.

·       Plan and coordinate regular recognition events for all youth (i.e., graduate recognition; call to ministry; scholastic achievements; Youth-led worship services, etc.)

·       Share the administrative work with the Pastor, such as special events, activities, preaching (when called upon), hospital visitation, (all other ministries deemed necessary and as assigned by the Senior Pastor).

·       Attend weekly staff meetings and annual staff planning retreats.


·       Male (as adopted by Constitution and By Laws) as this is a pastoral position as defined by Scripture (I Tim 3).

·       At least a bachelor’s degree is required.

·       Preference will be given to candidates with at least three (3) years of experience.

·       Displays a love for God and a passion for discipling youth (grades 7 – 12)

·       Positive, energetic, and fun.

·       Team player who works well with others.

·       Innovative, self-starter, able to come up with new ideas to reach youth and families.

·       Seeks to build relationships with youth and their families.

·       Ability to coordinate and lead a large group of volunteers.

·       Good communicator (written and public speaking skills).

·       Good organizational skills and manages time wisely.

·       Able to manage and develop a youth leadership team.

·       If married (preferably) his wife will have a willingness to fully support and attend all youth ministry activities within a reasonable ability to so (i.e., family is priority).

General Understanding: The Associate pastor of youth shall be called by God to follow Christ in a life of discipleship, utilizing the leadership gifts given by the Holy spirit to lead the church in carrying out the Great Commission for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God. The candidate will be a personal soul winner. The Associate pastor of Youth will work under the direction of the Senior pastor and will be a member of the ministerial staff. As such, his interest shall extend to all areas of the church. However, his primary interest shall be youth (grades 7-12).

This ministry position requires passing criminal, financial, and sexual misconduct background checks.

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