Often I have been asked questions about mission opportunities. Usually the questions involve where, how long and what will we be doing.

These are all good questions to ask, but because of the global pandemic the answers to where, what and how long may not be the answers we want to hear.

However, the mission has not changed. Perhaps the better question we should ask every morning is, “How can I live on mission today with the Gospel?”

As we pray that prayer, God will open up so many ways for us to serve. Then we will begin to make missions a daily part of our lives and not something we do for a week or a month or a season.

Last semester, hurricanes moved through our Gulf Coast bringing destruction but also the chance to be on mission with the love of Christ. I had the opportunity to take nine students from the University of West Alabama to work with Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief in Mobile and Pritchard.

Several had little missions experience. It was a blessing to see students realize that we can serve and be on mission every day wherever God has planted us.

I’d also like to mention Margaret Taylor. She is a volunteer who helps BCM at the Coastal Alabama Community College Gilbertown campus.

Recently, Mrs. Margaret celebrated her birthday. She is 92 years young. Again, I am blessed and the students are blessed by her faithful service to our Savior.

Mrs. Margaret is a wonderful example that we are to be on mission every day – wherever God has planted us – for as long as we are here.

Live on Mission 3

As COVID restrictions change, there will be opportunities for missions. Some will be similar to opportunities we had in the past, and others will look drastically different.

Whether God has us in another country or state or whether He keeps us at our schools, homes and neighborhoods – whatever stage of life we are in – let us start every day praying, “God show me how I can live on mission for Jesus this day.”

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