June 2021 – Southern Baptist Convention

june 2021


Fellow Alabama Baptists, as you well know, we meet in a few weeks at the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. I’d like to call upon all of us as an Alabama Baptist family, be praying for that convention whether you’re attending or not, you can of course still pray.

I’d like to highlight three quick ways in which we can pray. Pray for the purpose that we have as a convention to be magnified. Magnifying the purpose that brings us together, missions and evangelism. This is all in the DNA of Alabama Baptists and Southern Baptist.

So pray for the purpose to be magnified. Pray for the people involved in the convention to be edified. The leadership, the messengers, all of us together, joining in fellowship and being able to celebrate what God has done and anticipate what he’s going to do. And then I would hope we would pray for the potential that we have to be amplified.

There’s more yet to come. God still has His hands, His hand on His people. And I pray today, along with you that as we look toward Nashville in a matter of a few weeks that we will know that God is still in the leading and guiding business. Prayer still makes a difference.

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