God takes strangers and makes them friends through Disaster Relief


When Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers hear that they’re needed, individuals from across the state put their lives on hold and descend on an area. And these strangers form teams, work long days and pour themselves out into disaster-ridden areas.

“It’s amazing how God works — how He puts teams together of people with different skill sets for this work we’re doing,” said Farrell Hataway, a “blue hat,” or team leader for the feeding unit in Houma, Louisiana.

Take the team in Houma, for example.

“We’ve got a gentleman on a forklift who has had a knee replacement and both shoulders are bad,” Hataway said. “But he’s the best forklift driver I’ve ever seen. He can land what we need on a dime target.” (continued)

This article was originally published at thealabamabaptist.org where you can read the full story!

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