Forward in Faith Schedule

Forward in Faith Schedule

4 to 6 Weeks before Forward in Faith Day

1. GOALS: Set capital fund goal(s). A church vote on goal(s) will inform and heighten interest.

2. BROCHURE: Develop an attractive brochure or pamphlet to present the need and appeal for participation on Forward in Faith Day. The cover should be card stock paper and the contents may cover topics such as:

  • “A Message from the Pastor“
  • “Our Plan” or “Dream the Dream”
  • “Our Growth” or “Master Plan” (Plot of the future design)
  • “Our Challenge“ (graphs of need and past receipts capture attention):
  • “Our Need“ (goals stated clearly)
  • “You Can Make It Happen“
  • “Your Commitment“
  • Specific illustrations of suggested amounts

The brochure should be printed and ready to mail two weeks before Forward in Faith Day.

3. Prepare a theme banner

4. Print or purchase thematic offering envelopes

5. Commitment cards – within four weeks (may be combined with envelopes).

2 weeks before Forward in Faith Day

1. Mail a letter about Forward in Faith Day to all church members and Sunday School members. Enclose these pieces with each letter:

  • Brochure
  • Special offering envelope
  • Commitment card (if used)

2. Enlist those who will give a Testimony

Enlist two leading laypersons to share a testimony on what they will give on Forward in Faith Day. Witnessing their commitment will bless them and those with whom they share it when they do it to the glory of God. Encourage them to share their present relationship with Christ, how they feel about the church, what the “special church need” means to them, and what they have been led to do financially after sincere prayer to God. Emphasize sacrifice in giving.

3. Sunday School leaders receive a copy of the brochure and/or fact sheet on the needs.

They are asked to study this carefully before Wednesday night.

Wednesday, one week and four days before Forward in Faith Day

  1. Sunday School leaders meet and discuss ways to inform, answer questions, and encourage sacrificial gift.
  2. Prepare and display posters on theme interpretation of “special church need.” These posters may be handmade or printed.

Sunday before Forward in Faith Day

Sunday School

All adult and youth Sunday School members assemble for a ten-minute presentation of the Forward in Faith Emphasis and discussion of the financial needs.

Teach Forward in Faith Day Sunday School lesson.

Morning Worship
The pastor shares witnesses to his giving commitment in the morning service(s)

Display theme banner in the worship center.

The pastor preaches the sermon with the theme: “God’s Vision for Our Church”

Evening Worship
Layperson witness his/her giving commitment in the evening service

Forward in Faith Day

Sunday School

  1. Direct a Sunday School prayer time for personal and church commitment.
  2. Receive Cards/envelopes of those not planning to attend the worship service. Use a plain opaque envelope to receive them, seal in their presence, and turn in at appropriate time in worship service.

Morning Worship

  • Testimony: Layperson in morning service witnessing his/her commitment
  • Sermon theme: “Joy of Sacrifice”
  • Receive offering – You may want to make it a part of the invitation time at the conclusion of the sermon, or it could be early in service and allow for report at close of worship. The pastor may want to lead the congregation in the signing of the commitment cards and/or envelopes. Members then bring their cards/envelopes to the front of auditorium and place them face down on an open Bible.
  • Report the on amount received and committed at close of a.m. service or in the evening service.

The week following Forward in Faith Day

Send a follow-up letter mailed giving a report of funds received and encouraging others to return their special envelope and/or commitment card.

The second week after Forward in Faith Day
Mail a letter of acknowledgement to all who returned their commitment card and/or envelopes in worship or by mail.


  • What Is Sacrificial Giving? (FB-39)
  • Forward in Faith sample packet (letters, etc.)
  • Forward in Faith Sunday School Lesson
  • Forward in Faith Sunday School Lesson-Teacher Edition