Your Invitation to Our State Convention


Rick Lance – November 2019 Video from Alabama Baptist SBOM on Vimeo.

Hello Alabama Baptists.

Let me give you the last invitation to our state convention as we gather at Eastern Shore in Daphne, Alabama.

As you know, we have the Pastors Conference on Monday and on behalf of Stuart Davidson, the Pastors Conference President, I want to invite you to be a part of that. I look forward to seeing you then.

And then, of course, our family reunion that we have annually as Alabama Baptists will be 12 and 13, the sessions of the Alabama Baptists State Convention.

We’re lookin’ forward to hearing one of Alabama’s own, Jason Allen, who is the President of Midwestern Seminary. We have theme interpreters, who’ll be highlighting our theme of fruitfulness.

So be there with us. Don’t miss this occasion to reunite with your fellow Alabama Baptists.

And while I have your attention, this is the month that we mark for Thanksgiving. And I want you to know, I thank God for you. I’m like Paul. Every time I remember you, I thank God for you. So this Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, fills my heart with joy and gratitude because we together can make a difference in a world that needs a difference made.

One mission, the Great Commission. Many ministries, Great Commission ministries. 3,250 churches collectively making a difference in this world.

God bless you.

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