What exactly is the “Yellow Shirt Army”? The answer to the question begins with God’s call on every believer to be His hands and feet.

For those who become part of this army – those who volunteer to be part of Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief – this calling will nudge people toward serving in practical ways. Those who sense a call and pursue it are offered the opportunity to train.

Disaster Relief training focuses on excellence in ministry areas, safety and caring for people in a disaster. Disasters have been plentiful recently.

Well-trained Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers served:

  • Those whose homes were flooded in Texas by Hurricane Harvey.
  • Those in Florida whose homes were damaged by the winds of Hurricane Irma.
  • By preparing more than 100,000 meals.
  • In Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands.
  • In Midfield, Ala., for four weeks providing food and cutting trees following a tornado.

In every case, these trained volunteers went to places full of hurting people, met practical needs and, perhaps most importantly, ministered to those who were hurting.

If you are willing to learn to use a chainsaw as a ministry tool, a wheelbarrow as an instrument of encouragement or a ladle to serve real-world manna, then perhaps you could be a disaster relief volunteer. If you are willing to offer your hands, ears, and feet to serve people who are disaster survivors then perhaps you could be a disaster relief volunteer.

Pray about how the Father could use you. You can be the hands and feet of Jesus by training to be the best. Pray about making the commitment to be a Disaster Relief volunteer. Join the Yellow Shirt Army.

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The Yellow Shirt Army Wants You!

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