believe in the Cooperative Program as the only means of fully cooperating as a united body in the Southern Baptist Convention. It has proven over and over that many autonomous bodies can come together and do more than one can do alone. Our missionaries have benefitted so much more than those of independent churches as those missionaries need to raise their own funds and ours do not. I am so proud that our missionaries can actually spend their sabbaticals resting and catching up with relatives as opposed to raising funds. I am so glad that our Cooperative Program takes care of our missionaries.

Our CP, however, also was set up to take care of many things. It helps fund associational missions. It helps in state convention Disaster Relief efforts and worker training. Our forefathers were wise in the planning and implementation of the CP. It has stood the test of time.

 I grew up under the tutelage of my deacon father and a wonderful pastor who both taught the blessings of the Cooperative Program. My husband is a pastor and director of missions, and he believes in the CP. If more pastors today would teach about the CP, we would have more believers in the CP!

Vicki Maddox is a member of New Providence Baptist Church, Mud Creek Association

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