Why should you become a trained volunteer?


This year’s Alabama Baptist State Disaster Relief Training will take place at the new Disaster Relief Center, 118 Jesse Samuel Hunt Blvd., Prattville. 

As in previous years, feeding, chainsaw, clean up/recovery and chaplaincy will all be offered together with this year’s event on April 6-8.

Other training opportunities are offered during the spring. For more information, click on training above.

Trained volunteers make a commitment to be part of a larger and very effective ministry team.

In the aftermath of disasters, it is not uncommon for the public to be kept out of an area while Disaster Relief volunteers with proper credentials are allowed in to help. 

These areas can be hazardous. Disaster Relief volunteers receive safety training to help avoid becoming victims themselves. These volunteers are trained to work as part of a team and to get the most work done while still doing ministry.

Please pray about how to best serve and then participate in training so that you can be a part of the wonderful ministry of Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief.

Source: SBDR.org
Why should you become a trained volunteer?

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