Working together through the Cooperative Program allows us to do and fund so many more ministries together. We usually think first about all the work we do together on a national level such as seminaries, missionaries, church planting and so on. I am proud to be an Alabama Baptist and of our generous contribution to these worthy ministries and so many more.

What we often overlook is what we are able to do together right here Alabama. Since I have been involved with the State Board of Missions, I have become more informed and far more appreciative of the work going on through Cooperative Program giving.

Examples include:

These are just a few of the many ministries that we do together as Alabama Baptists here on a state level that are funded through CP giving.

      Southern Baptists, to me, have had the greatest impact in our modern time in ministering to others in the name of Jesus, because of the faithful, generous giving of our people.

            You might be surprised how your gift reaches not only the furthest part of the world but also right into your neighborhood and your life. 

– Jesse Reeder, senior pastor, Moulton Baptist Church (Muscle Shoals Association)

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